Our Mission

Maestro was founded by creatives for creatives with one purpose in mind: to fuel your passion. We sought to create a product that not only serves the current gaming performance market, but that aids you in your daily pursuits. Maestro was formulated to perform just as well sitting down to work on that new project, as it does to fuel that all night battle royale frenzy. Our name Maestro is an ode to the pursuit of mastering your craft, and our slogan “Take the crown” speaks to the journey to be the best in your field. We think we have crafted the perfect formula to push you through the grind to get your 10,000 hours in, and we know that you will agree.


We leave with this open letter to the current leaders of industry:


This is not a promise.

Promises are weak by nature. 

The very existence of a promise relies on a hope that they not be broken.

We can not be broken.

This is a calling. 

A yearning that we are no longer able to ignore

An unbreakable covenant with ourselves to be more.

It forms the very fabric of our being.

Our very identities defined by our passions and journeys.

We may not be the celebrities, the aristocrats, the prodigies.

But we have something more. 


And we are putting the kings and queens on notice. 

We are coming for the top.

We will have your thrones. 

Your crowns.

We’ve been honing our skills. Biding our time.

Mastering our bodies and our minds. 

Our journey now takes us where we have not been before.

We have the drive, we have arrived, and we are knocking at your door.

No, this is not a promise. 

It’s a warning.

We are coming.


- The Usurpers